About Pat

About Pat

I was born and raised on a farm in the St. Peter/Mankato area. My father died a disheartening death from colon cancer ten days after I graduated from high school. For that reason I wanted to find a cure for cancer so no one would have to suffer the way he did. I worked in the medical field as a medical laboratory technician/technologist in hospitals, private laboratories and clinics for sixteen years. In my desire to work in forensics, I started working in the Chemistry department at Mankato State University where I had hoped to advance my education in toxicology. But the daily exposure to many known and unknown chemicals destroyed my health.

Severe chemical intolerance caused allergic like reactions to foods, water, perfumes, synthetic materials, and most everything. Deep bone pain, decreased body temperature (95.6), cardiac arrhythmias, and seizures were a few of the daily challenges I endured.

Medications worsened the problems with their side effects and I eventually developed an aplastic form of macrocytic, hypochromic anemia and granulocytic leukemia. My white blood cell count dropped to 2,200 with normal being between 4,000 to 11,000. Most of these white cells were immature granulocytes. I was told I had about six months to live that I should go home and prepare for death. That was May of 1990. I had been living on oxygen and a respirator, taking medications that didn’t help and indeed made things worse.

My maternal grandmother told me to seek God and nature when I asked her what to do. And so my prayers changed from prayers that asked God to call me home out of the pain-that I might not have to awake and face another day to asking for forgiveness and guidance to heal my failing body. I surrendered my will to His will. I sat in silence in my room of no doors and windows, and surrendered asking that He open a door or a window or call me home. I just wanted to finish raising my children-His gifts to me.

God started to show me the way. My daughter,Tania’s Big Sister’s mother had also experienced chemical poisoning and she suggested a gentleman who used frequency generators. He introduced me to someone who used Zone therapy on the feet to release and energize. This lady and I became close friends and soon we started traveling-respirator, oxygen and all-to healing centers (TRIOM) where I was treated and learned the methodologies to use at home and on others. I tried chondriana, Life Crystals, Healing Touch-which really helped, chiropractic, craniosacral, Roosen therapy, yoga, QiGong, nutrition-really tricky as if there were any contaminants in the product I’d vomit them up in about 5-10 minutes-aroma therapy (I could write a book on my experiences with my first exposure to essential oils.) There were so many options. So I tried as many as I was guided to try and learned those that I could help others. It was in helping others that I felt the greatest healing. And so I started my journey of becoming a Naturopathic Doctor through the University of Natural Medicine.

I tried each therapy for no less than six months so I could truly tell if it made a difference for me. Of course if the therapy was too aggressive or the healing crisis became unbearable, I decreased or stopped until a later time.

All of these modalities were non-invasive. Nutrition was the most difficult. Surely God gave us foods that had all the nutrients we needed. WRONG!!! Documents dating back into the 1930’s reveal that the government was already concerned about the dramatic decrease in soil nutrients even on organic farm lands.

The modalities that I have trained in aside from Doctor of Naturopathy and may be used singularly or in combination upon request are: 

  • Applied Kinesiology
  • Aromatherapy
  • Bach Flowers 
  • Biological Terrain Analysis
  • Clinical Homeopathy
  • Color Therapy 
  • Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA)
  • Designed Clinical Nutrition
  • Functional Nutritional Assessment with Clinical Challenge 
  • Healing Touch Therapy
  • Herbology
  • IN.FORM Coach
  • Inlight Therapy
  • Iridology
  • Long Distance Healing
  • Certified Max Pulse Practitioner
  • Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique (N.A.E.T.)
  • Nutritional Life Style Assessment
  • Reiki 
  • Reflexology – Instructor 
  • Saliva Analysis
  • Sclerology
  • Touch for Health
  • TRIOM – Instructor 
  • QiGong (Chi-Kung),(Trained Under Master Chun Yi Lin, China) 
  • Quantum Xrroid Consciousness Interface Device Biofeedback 
  • Zyto 
  • NutriEnergetics System
  • Quantum Reflex Analysis