News & Events

News & Events:

We are CoVID compliant in our office and are following the recommendations that go with it.  

We have added new products to our discount shelves—come in and check–10%  to 75% savings.  Also have books, tapes and videos to purchase on a wide variety of topics. 

Upcoming Events:

STARTING JUNE 1st – 30th, 2021 all in stock ESSENTIAL OILS  will be 10% off.   

Clinical Thermography dates for 2021 will be:   January 19th, April 20th, July 27th, and October 26th .    Call our office at 507-388-8525 to schedule an appointment!

Because many of you have asked what the Rev. behind my name means or stands for?  I am a  non-denominational Minister Of Healing which allows me to officiate baptism, weddings, memorials or funerals.  This is another way I can be of service to you and yours if the need arises.

New modalities to experience are:  

Inlight Therapy:   Light therapy to reduce pain and increase circulation issues associated with any type of condition ie:  arthritis, rheumatism, surgery, joints, shoulders, hips, and etc.)

Foods for Wellness BioSurvey (Zyto) :   Foods play a critical role in your overall wellness.   While the phrase, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is good advice for most, a diet that is optimal for one individual won’t likely be optimal for another.   This concept is known as bio-individuality.   The Food for Wellness scan addresses your bio-individuality by gathering and displaying readings of food items for which your body showed a biological coherence, or preference, as well as items that your body had an incoherent response to.

**Please note that this biosurvey does not identify allergies.   Be sure to take any known allergies into consideration when referring to the report to help you make wellness decisions about your diet.  Call the office at 388-8525 if you are interested in having this done and takes approximately 15 minutes.**

Immune BioSurvey (Zyto):   This evaluates several different areas of the body including emotions and gastrointestinal to name a few. Comes with a report in color and suggestions how to balance.