News & Events

News & Events

First, I’d like to thank you for your loyalty and business.  It has been a pleasure to serve you.  

I am closing Worthy of Wellness, LLC.  Effective April 27th, 2022. 

Thanks again for your patronage as my client/customer.  

Blessings!  Pat

Note:   I have alot of inventory remaining so please contact me through my website and I can see if I still have the product you need or require.   

How to Order Products:

Nature Sunshine (NSP):   Can call their 1-800-223-8225 or go to their website:  Tell them you are/were a customer of Pat Ruether.   If you have your account number you will need to give them this also.   Tell them to set up as a Subscribe and Thrive order that way you get the best price and can arrange how and when you want to receive it (weekly, monthly, bi monthly etc.–if dollar amount may receive free shipping as well.)     

Metabolic Management (Biotics):   Go to the website:  take you to the our web store and use first time code:  DFILC233.   May also order from any of the Wellness Minute Videos you receive from us.

All other Products we found a company called:   Natural Healthy Concepts in Appleton, WI    Phone Number: 920-968-2350.  Website:     They carry alot of the same product lines that we carried so you can try them as well.    

I have some products and equipment for sale that are listed below.   If you are interested in them please call our office at 507-388-8525:   

AcuScen Pro Device-$2,780.00 – For electro Therapy.  Creates biological effects in the body through electrical impulses of variable energy and form.  

Double 6mm sphere pencil—$155.00 – for face massage 

Double 15mm sphere pencil –$190.00 – for electrotherapy & myo-stimulation 

Hanna’s Crystal Laser–$79.99 – possesses a magenta  colored light w/an Atlantean numerical formula on lens, special crystals & herbs in the chamber belief tat can bring beneficial results to ethnic strength in restoring astral,  etheric & mental harmony and in more vivid dream recollection. 

Dr. Shim’s Green Laser Systems –$500.00


Avila II Earthlite Chair Massage–$300.00