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Christmas:  Open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday Dec. 20th-Dec. 23th  10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.    Will be closed on December 24th.   

Closed:  December 31st, 2021 Happy New Year!! 

Clinical Thermography dates for 2022 will be:   January 25th, April 19th, July 26th, and October 18th .    Call our office at 507-388-8525 to schedule an appointment!

New modalities to experience are:  

Inlight Therapy:   Light therapy to reduce pain and increase circulation issues associated with any type of condition ie:  arthritis, rheumatism, surgery, joints, shoulders, hips, and etc.)

Foods for Wellness BioSurvey (Zyto) :   Foods play a critical role in your overall wellness.   While the phrase, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is good advice for most, a diet that is optimal for one individual won’t likely be optimal for another.   This concept is known as bio-individuality.   The Food for Wellness scan addresses your bio-individuality by gathering and displaying readings of food items for which your body showed a biological coherence, or preference, as well as items that your body had an incoherent response to.

**Please note that this biosurvey does not identify allergies.   Be sure to take any known allergies into consideration when referring to the report to help you make wellness decisions about your diet.  Call the office at 507-388-8525 if you are interested in having this done.**

Immune BioSurvey (Zyto):   This evaluates several different areas of the body including emotions and gastrointestinal to name a few. Comes with a report in color and suggestions how to balanceI

I have some products and equipment for sale that are listed below.   If you are interested in them please call our office at 507-388-8525:   

AcuScen Pro Device—$2,780.00 – For electro Therapy.  Creates biological effects in the body through electrical impulses of variable energy and form.  

     Double 6mm sphere pencil—$155.00 – for face massage 

     Double 15mm sphere pencil –$190.00 – for electrotherapy & myo-stimulation 

Hanna’s Crystal Laser—$79.99 – possesses a magenta  colored light w/an Atlantean numerical formula on lens, special crystals & herbs in the chamber belief tat can bring beneficial results to ethnic strength in restoring astral,  etheric & mental harmony and in more vivid dream recollection. 

Dr. Shim’s Green Laser Systems –$500.00