Product Lines

Our Product Lines

Worthy of Wellness carries a variety of wellness products geared toward your holistic healthy lifestyle.

If you are looking for a specific product not listed below, come see us for a consultation.

Product lines include:

  • Nature’s Sunshine Products and Essential Oils 
  • Miracle 2
  • Young Living Essential Oils
  • doTerra Essential Oils 

Our Professional products include:

  • Metabolic Management (Biotics)
  • Apex Energetics
  • Ortho Molecular
  • Energetix 
  • PR Labs
  • Healthy Alternatives 

NES (Nutri-Energetics Systems) 

Reflections on Healing

Fibromyalgia might be helped with the magnesium rich Fibroalgia, Flax Seed or Omega 3, and Probiotic II from Nature’s Sunshine.

If you are plagued by constant sinus infections, head into your kitchen and pull out a couple onions. Get out the chopping knife and start chopping. The onions contain sulfur and enzymes that will help break up the bacteria in the sinus’ and will drain it out. (when you chop onions- crying and nose runnings are a great sign!)

Children will be returning to school soon so if I had a child going to school, I would start two weeks ahead of school to build up their immune systems. My all time favorite for children are the Elderberry chewables or capsules.

Extra words of wisdom include: keep diet and nutrition in balance and avoid sugar as it decreases the immune system for up to eighteen hours; reduce stress as much as possible; drink lots of water; get plenty of sleep. At the first sign of symptoms take a hot bath to stimulate an artificial fever which may reduce any viral symptoms.